Process of Email Marketing: by Vinaytosh

Hi Folks!

I hope you are doing fine! It is start of financial year and every business was busy in making plans for next quarter and now it’s time for some real stuff. I hope this blog will help you in your day to day needs. In case you have any specific questions about online marketing you can always write me on .

In last post we talked about the macro strategy for email campaigns, in this post I would write on implementation side of it. For me it is a six step process:

1. Step 1: Define the objective of campaign as well as the target audience you want to tract.
2. Step 2: Start from a much targeted list prepared by organic methods. To keep it simple:” Never buy an email list”. It won’t help in long run.
3. Step 3: Ask for permission to collect email address and provide them unsubscribe option as well. Provided them freedom. If they don’t speak for you they will not speak against you as well.
4. Step 4: Prepare a landing page with call to action for target audience.
5. Step 5: Refine your campaign for people who have interacted.
6. Step 6: Depending on second campaign pass the inbound leads to direct sales team.

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