Subject Line Checklist for an Email Campaign:

Brainstorm: Once you have the core content of your email, create a few

subject lines that will complement your copy. Having more than one is a great option in case you want to test your subject line.

Target: Use list segmentation to send specific subject lines to different

portions of your audience, which will also enable you to send relevant content,

getting you the best results from your email.

Short and Sweet: Less is more when writing subject lines. Keep your subject line under 40-50 characters and place your most important information in the beginning.

Proof: Having a typo or error in your subject line is like shutting the door in your

face before you ever get into the room. Ensure you proofread and have a fresh

set of eyes look at every email before it goes out.

Read: Each of us receives a lot of email every day. Read your own emails and make note of the ones that get your attention and which ones you delete or

report as spam.

Test: Subject lines are one of the easiest things to test in your email. You can

simply split your list and send the same content with two different subject lines

and see which one gets a better open rate. Do this on an ongoing basis and track your results.