Email Marketing Still Very Much Relevant!

Among the noise of various communication tools, we often forget about tried and tested method of direct communication. Recent studies have shown that email marketing is still very much in practice and people opt for it at time of sending important document and messages. According to a research done by BCG, 95% of internet user in India use email frequently and the rate is higher than any other country in world.

Figure:Percentage of Population using the Medium (NA means Not Available)

But we should go for Email marketing with caution .There is a saying you reap what you sow.The email marketing is database driven and we should put considerable effort in that exercise. The communication should be targeted and benefits should be clear and aloud.

Webbazaar has developed a Email Marketing tool to send and maintain email or SMS campaigns to a large audience or contact base. It is a simple to use tool packed with advance features such as report tracking, database maintenance etc. that can help you to promote, advertise or simply stay connected to your target audience.

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How to improve Email Usability ?

The question for every email marketer is how much of your audience is reading your email via mobile devices. The answer will dictate the priority you should give to optimizing your messages for this channel.
After online marketing, mobile marketing is next big thing in digital marketing. Mobile devices present a limited environment. We need to optimize email for mobile subscribers. Here are the tactics he suggested:

1. Measuring the traffic will give you a better understanding of how much your online audience (though not your email audience) is reaching you via mobile. Looking specifically at the traffic to your email marketing landing pages will give your team more insight into its mobile email readership — especially if these pages are only used with emails.

2. Create an email template that will cleanly render on as many of your audience’s devices as possible and clearly communicate your message.

3. Take a look at how your current emails render on mobile devices before diving into a redesign. You can use software tools to test rendering across an array of devices. Or you can gather as many phones as possible and test manually.

4. Landing pages have to be optimized for conversions for traditional and mobile visitors. This presents a unique challenge for landing page optimization. Mobile visitors are an additional audience with completely different needs. Your team should run many tests to get your designs right.